Schneider Kreuznach

When it comes to optical lenses, photographers, cinematographers and enthusiasts the world over have long coveted German lenses for their unparalleled performance. For over 100 years, Jos. Schneider Optische Werke has been manufacturing premium lens systems for cinematography, cinema projection and the industrial lens markets. With three Academy Awards® for Technological Achievement and an Emmy Award, Schneider lenses always set standards in shooting and projection of movies.

For over 10 years Visual Fidelity (Aust) has been selling Schneider’s range of home theatre anamorphic projection lenses for the ultimate cinematic experience in a residential environment. A Schneider anamorphic lens system enables the home cinema owner to take advantage of their projector’s full resolution and brightness capabilities when projecting on a cinemascope format screen, ensuring an image that will immerse you in the movie.

Proudly manufactured in Germany, Schneider’s range of anamorphic lenses will take your home theatre experience to another level.