Stewart Filmscreen

Since 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has been the premier manufacturer of professional projection screens. Based in Torrance, California, Stewart is the preferred choice for major movie studios, discerning integrators and consultants, architects, and audio/video enthusiasts alike. With unparalleled ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing capabilities and unrivalled image fidelity, two-time Academy Award®-winning Stewart Filmscreen produces the most optically accurate projection screens for the most discerning customers in the world. Utilising proprietary material science, innovative manufacturing methods, along with a solutions-driven design team, Stewart Filmscreen can custom-engineer a projection screen solution to meet nearly every need. Simply put, if a screen can be imagined, Stewart Filmscreen can deliver it.

As opposed to a mass-produced, one size fits all approach, each and every Stewart screen product is custom made to order, ensuring that the most appropriate solution is provided for each and every application. From the simplest fixed frame screen to a complex system for visualisation, you can be assured that Stewart Filmscreen has a solution to fit your requirements.

Unique amongst screen manufacturers, Stewart is the only company with the capability to produce a totally seamless projection surface up to 12m x 27m in both front and rear projection surface options. And with the widest range of 16k+ compatible surfaces to choose from in the industry, Stewart has the projection surface best suited for your projects.

For further information on Stewart’s products please see Stewart Filmscreen.